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Some would call me lucky. I'm a Red Tabby-Point Siamese. I was rescued when I was 3 years old and have been in the PAWPRINTS house ever since. When I arrived, I was a nervous wreck and so thin that you could count my ribs. Being thin, I immediately hid between the wall and the fridge, till I was slowly coaxed out with some food and a gentle voice. For ages I was nervous and always hiding. Sometimes I hid behind the sofa when there was a knock on the door I didn't recognise. But, all in all, I am a very lucky boy. Come to think of it, I could say that I almost lead the 'Life of Riley', that is till she shouts at me to stop tearing up the carpet on the back stairs. Why do I do it? 'Cause claws are made for scratching, that's why!

That was then. These days I'm laid back and content, that is till I was asked if I could take minutes. Minutes? But of course! I'm an expert at taking 40 winks anytime, said I. Well, to cut a long story short: they wanted me to become Company Secretary. Panic gripped me, but I thought I had to oblige and started to plough through a huge book, learning all about it. I concluded that I had to ask for a salary rise and that committees are the seven deadly virtues. Anyway, I now have a savings account, but the first thing I did was to buy my dream toy. You can see it in the picture. I apologise for not removing the label. I am sometimes a bit thoughtless about things like that. I'm the proverbial eternal bachelor - not that house proud.

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