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I was about 2 years old when I was found by a workman in a cupboard in a council flat in Haringey.   He took me to a cattery in Archway Road. The owner let me stay there for 2 weeks until the RSPCA found me a foster home and I was named Tom. My photo was taken at the time. In fact, I was Leo's predecessor in the house where he lives now. I should have been the one to introduce the Cat Gallery but I am a magnanimous moggie and so I just say "well done, Leo". (I hope, being so shy, it wasn't an ordeal for him).  I am completely different:  I pick up,  dust myself off and get on with it  -  like with the cupboard experience.

My foster mum loved me, but she drew boundaries: no access to the bedroom and the snug duvet,  so no chance to reward her with a symphony of purrs in the mornings. For weeks I refused to believe it and threw myself (and I'm a big cat) at the bedroom door at precisely 6am, but in vain. There were other tokens of my affection: several times I had to go to the Vet and was put in a big basket while she got ready. I escaped every time and came sauntering back into the kitchen to show her what a clever boy I was. From then on she called me Houdini.

In December of that year Kristine from the RSPCA came with her video recorder to present me to various cat lovers who wanted to adopt. I went to a wonderful family in Camden where I found there was another cat. We became great pals.  I was re-named again - my permanent name is Toby.

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