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Socrates is a long-term client of Pawprints and has been looking after the house while his family are away on holiday with Anne's help for four years.   Socrates came to us as a rescue cat in 2010.   The vet said he was between 3 and 5 years then, so he is between 11 - 13 now.   He was recommended by the staff at the RSPCA at Southall as being good-natured with children and this has certainly been true.   When he arrived at our old house we had a problem with mice, and in the first week he quickly dispatched a whole family of them.   We would hear him banging around downstairs and in the morning there would be bodies in the kitchen.   We have never been troubled by mice since!

Nowadays Socs sleeps most of the day and most of the night too.   He has a thyroid problem but his medication seems to be helping and his weight has stabilized.   He is quite fussy about his food now, but he is still a big cat - his great love is cheese - he seems to particularly appreciate the finer cheeses such as stilton, eppoises and brie de meaux.   He can hear a Carrs Water Biscuit packet being opened from down the street and comes shooting through the cat flap seconds later.   As soon as the cheese is put away he's off, so we know it's not our company he craves!

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