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I regret that I've volunteered to do the washing this week. I'd rather be in the the gym or catch some mice. Help, can't you see I'm stuck arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!

Here I am, a year older and trying to find a nice companion. My mum, Candy, paid for the flowers because I don't get pocket money. She complains about the enormous Vet Bills which always break the bank. I wonder if we can afford another kittie? I do so crave company, but will she find the right pussycat? And will mum be able to pay the Gym fees for me? I like to maintain my macho looks! Lets hope all goes well. She just left to look at a cat named Metallica, but not before she told me off for starting to pluck at the flower petals, one by one, in the fashion of she loves me   she loves me not . "Told off" is an understatement: she was firing on all cylinders as I made for the safety of the space under the bed.

Ahh...Metallica arrived. Poor kitty, she seems to be crying, I thought. Homesick perhaps? We soon found that the tears had a more serious cause when we saw that her eyes were half covered by the ‘third eyelid', often a sign of illness in cats. She arrived like this from the breeder, and homesick she certainly wasn't ! She had to go on medication and clung to me all night till she became better. But all's well that ends well as can be seen in the picture below. (And I'm back at the gym).

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